Caitlin is masterful in capturing the light, in both the literal and philosophical meaning of the word. She has an ease and great energy about her that expresses itself in her beautifully (seemingly effortlessly) composed images, full of expression, light, and color. I have hired Caitlin for multiple professional and personal shoots over the past four years, and she has always been exceptionally prompt and easy to work with.
— Jessie Rubenstein, Marks + Spaces
Caitlin is able to capture the beauty that a creator sees in their own work with the wonderment of a fan discovering it for the first time.
— Matt Nuernberger, GrandTen Distilling
Caitlin is the rare intersection of creativity and professionalism—equally adept at capturing beautiful imagery as she is at meeting deadlines—it is a true pleasure to work with her. She has been a partner since the founding of our business five and a half years ago, and we look forward to many more years of working together.
— Nick Korn, Offsite
Caitlin’s vibrant photos reflect the spirit of each event she has photographed for [us]. At once personable and discreet, she puts our guests at ease, allowing their genuine emotions to shine through in the images she produces. Each time she delivers the quintessential photos we have requested along with a wide selection of creative images she has organically encountered. Her quick turnaround allows us to follow up after events with amazing pictures, to keep our social media accounts and website current, and to create beautiful promotional materials and emails leading up to the next event.
— Liz Roderick, AIDS Action Committee
Caitlin has been a pleasure to work with. From start to finish, her process is clear, efficient, and thorough, and the final product was exactly what we needed.
— Zak Jensen
We have worked with Caitlin many times over the years, and she never fails to deliver top quality, professional shots, regardless of the type of project we’re working on. Caitlin is reliable, consistent and extremely talented, and she’s great at finding just the right pose or shot to fit a particular piece and make it stand out from the crowd. I recommend her highly.
— Nathaniel Kenyon, Boston College Law School
I have had the pleasure of working with Caitlin on several different food and beverage projects over the years. She is imaginative, organized, and collaborative. I love her work, and I love working with her.
— Andrew Foster, co-owner of The Frogmore
Caitlin captured one of our most iconic photographs – an infant peering at an MRI image of her own brain – that we use in nearly all of our communications materials. She is particularly talented at capturing candid moments and we are fortunate to have an archive of these moments that she’s captured in our labs and at our events over the past several years.
— Julie Pryor, McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT
When we hire [Caitlin] to photograph our events, we can always be confident she understands what we are trying to achieve and will deliver exceptional work. She has a great eye, technical expertise, and the ability to fully capture the essence of a moment.
— Joanne Robinson, From the Top
For many years, Boston College Law School Magazine has been the beneficiary of its creative collaboration with Caitlin Cunningham. She is the real thing: talented, reliable, efficient, organized, flexible, and, most important, a great shooter. She can handle anything we ask of her. You should see her work the room at reunions: She can corral dozens of partying alumni for class shots, group after group after group and never lose patience. She also does wonderful portraits; she can produce high quality images in the crush of a crowded event or in the thoughtful environment of an art-directed photo shoot. She is a photojournalist first and foremost, and that informs all of her editorial work.
— Vicki Sanders, Boston College Law School