How do I book?
Please provide me with the date and time of your event, and we will discuss your coverage needs, budget, and any related details. Once all details are confirmed, I’ll provide a digital photography agreement for you to review and sign. You'll be invoiced at minimum for the amount of time specified at the time of booking (i.e. a shoot value can be increased but not decreased), and payment is due within 30 days.

Do you take credit cards?
I prefer payment in check form, and also can accept credit card payment, direct deposits, cash, and Venmo transfers.

I need two photographers for my event; do you know anyone?
Conveniently, I'm married to a photographer, Tim Correira. We have very similar photography styles, and Tim is also able to run a photo booth at your event. You're welcome to see a portfolio of our work together here.

I have to reschedule; may I?
I will do my best to be available if you need to reschedule, but my availability is not guaranteed, particularly during busy periods (April-June, September-November). If you need to reschedule and I'm not available for the new date, the photography agreement’s cancellation terms will apply.

I have to cancel; what's going to happen?
An assignment can be canceled without penalty if this is communicated to me in writing 30 days or more prior to the event date. If an assignment is canceled within 30 days of the event, no fees will be applied if I'm able to rebook the event date at equal or greater value. If an assignment is canceled within 30 days, and I cannot rebook the event date at equal or greater value, you'll be invoiced 50% of the value of the assignment, to be paid within 30 days of the event date. If you cancel within 48 hours of the event, you'll be invoiced 100% of the balance owed, to be paid within 30 days.


What’s the difference in usage?
For both non-exclusive and exclusive usage:

  • Copyright remains with me, the photographer, unless it’s specifically waived (which is rare, and expensive!).

  • The client and the photographer have the right to share and print images to promote and advertise their brands.

  • For non-exclusive usage, I have the right to share and/or sell your images to another without gaining the client’s permission prior to the release of images. 

  • For exclusive usage, images are specifically for the hiring client and will not be shared or sold by me, the photographer, without first gaining the client’s permission. Similarly, the client cannot share or sell images to third parties without my permission (beyond the purpose of promoting the hiring client’s brand), as the content was created by me for the client, and not to promote third parties. 

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the client may use the images for:

  • Client's print advertising and collateral (i.e. brochures, flyers, etc.) excluding large format ads

  • Client's digital advertising

  • Client's website

  • Social media (excluding sponsored ads)

Typically, since sponsored ads on social media are being generated specifically to generate income for a business or organization, there's a fee per image for photographs designated to be used for sponsored ads.

I'm a personal client (family photography, weddings, etc.); can I share and print my photos?
You may absolutely share your images with friends and family, and can print for them as well. Your gallery will be password-protected, and we can discuss options if you'd like to share a gallery straight to social media. If you plan to submit your images for print/online publication, or use them professionally, please discuss this with me first.

Vendors involved in my event want to use your photos; may I share with them?
Please have vendors contact me directly to discuss image usage.


When do I get my photos?
For most events, I guarantee images within five business days. Weddings are delivered within six weeks. Assignments that have multiple editing stages will be discussed. If you have particular deadlines, please let me know as soon as possible, especially during the busy spring and fall seasons.

How do I get my photos?
I utilize a client portal that allows you to view, share, and download easily. Images typically can be downloaded in a range of sizes, depending on our photography agreement. Your gallery will be password-protected for your privacy, unless otherwise specified. Your email address (and anyone else needing access) will be linked to a PIN for downloading. Only those email addresses registered in the system can download files; anyone with the gallery URL may view the images.

Are you able to provide a selection of images for social media as soon as possible?
I can provide a selection of approximately a dozen images on the same-day, or within 24 hours, for a fee of $150.00. For scheduling purposes, please let me know in advance if possible.

Are you able to provide the full shoot sooner than five business days?
If the assignment is needed within 24 hours, a rate of 50% of the assignment value will be applied. For scheduling purposes, I'll need to know this deadline in advance of the assignment.

Can my family and guests buy prints and/or digital files?
Absolutely; the online store can be made available in the client portal, allowing one or both options. This can be activated at any time, including for your own printing needs. I use a trusted printer and guarantee high quality prints.

How long are the photos online?
Most assignments are available online for three months from the date of the event, after which point the gallery expires. You’ll receive a notification a week prior to the expiry date, and a second three days prior. Once the gallery expires, there’s a fee to regenerate the gallery. I guarantee archiving for one year.


I'm running a conference/event, and need selections delivered in real-time; can you do this?
Yes; I'll bring along my laptop, and I'll need an allocated space and time for editing onsite. Additional fees will apply for this service.

Do you offer retouching services?
Certainly; I can retouch any quantity of images. Please contact me directly regarding those fees.


I like your boots; what are those?
Thanks! They're probably Blundstones, and they're endlessly comfortable and durable.

What is that – a leather harness?
Yes, indeed it is. I was introduced to Holdfast a few years ago; it enables me to wear two cameras comfortably, and saves my back on longer shoot days. I am also fully enabling my childhood wish to be a cowgirl in some form by wearing it.