Tufts Talks

Ichiro Takayoshi, Associate Professor of English for Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences, speaking at "Tufts Talks," held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, MA. He spoke about the importance of imagination and language, that envisioning ideas and objects we cannot see is not only an important part of development, but also of continuing to consider abstract ideas in relating to others.


MIT: Kate Bergeron

The MIT Leadership Center and the MIT Sloan Office of the Dean hosted Kate Bergeron, Vice President of Audio and Ecosystem Products & Hardware Engineering for Apple, as part of the iLead Speaker Series.


Bergeron spoke about the trajectory of her career, the value of continuing education, the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle with a professional career, and the momentous shift of becoming a mother months prior to the launch of her first massive product. At one point, the projection screen behind her illuminated with the message, “You might think you have a plan when you head out on your first leave. But in reality, no matter how much preparing you have done – face the fact, you are winging it.

The winter is a period when everything slows down for me, as if the cold freezes time. Initially, I revel in the quiet; autumn feels as if the universe hits the Fast Forward button in late summer and only releases its hold months in time for Thanksgiving dinner. By early February, however, the walls feel too close, and I’m begin to rattle, looking for ways to regroup, for new opportunities, for positive change in the upcoming season. My ears are always open for guidance, and my job allows me to sit at the feet of strangers who become mentors by default. At one point in her talk, Bergeron said, “Sometimes the ‘little’ opportunity sets you up for the ‘big’ opportunity,” which reminded me of Oprah’s famous definition, "Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity."

Time to continue my preparations…

MIT: Eric Schmidt

The MIT Leadership Center and the MIT Sloan Office of the Dean hosted Eric Schmidt, Technical Advisor and Board Member to Alphabet, Inc., and former CEO and Chairman of Google, as part of the iLead Speaker Series.

In a packed room, I sat nearly at his feet to ensure I could get a clear view. Schmidt was concise, warm, thorough, and funny; he clarified the importance of treating people well. “Value people,” he said, “and make people feel valued.”