My father gave me his vintage camera when I was in middle school, and I brought it to summer camp for my first photography course. The counselors were horrified that a twelve-year-old was shooting with a Leica, but I was hooked... and careful. 

I didn’t initially consider that I'd grow to become a photographer; I thought I'd be a cowgirl (but had nowhere to house a horse), then a marine biologist (but couldn't remember any of the Latin), then an interior designer (my graduate program didn't tell me until enrollment that the course was cancelled). It was only when I moved to New Zealand in 2005, then Australia in 2006, that I realized how badly I needed to share what I was seeing with those I loved back home, and my camera was the tool for that communication. Pictures were worth a thousand words… and worth fistfuls of postcards, plus hundreds of dollars in international phone calls.

I returned to Boston in 2010, after working for several studios and with the understanding that photography was (and is) my future. That year, I was hired as a photographer and archivist for Boston College. Having learned from a number of mentors – those who taught me to find the light, to be patient, and to tell the story in a single shot – I left in 2015 to pursue freelance work independently.

It's my goal to learn what I can before I start working; once I begin, I try to be quiet, to study the room, to wait for the moments. I've been told repeatedly that I capture emotion and ambiance well; this makes me happy, since finding genuine moments drives my work.

Whether you are hosting an event, managing a corporate gathering, designing a new space, or have a young family, I will make every effort to capture those interactions that best represent your time.

Caitlin Cunningham is a Boston-based photographer, available for a range of work and travel locally and beyond. She lives in West Medford with her husband Tim Correira (also a professional photographer, and business partner), her stepdaughter, and a geriatric dachshund-pitbull mix.

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